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Trying to survive in this world. Just hold on to hope,4 letters 1 word once you believe in it anything is possible.
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-Every time it’s too painful, Mikasa!


AH! My otp! I love them so much ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m so sorry for the poor quality; my hand was trembling the entire time when I took these (ノ_・。)

Wish I could offer you guys better shots, but this is the best I can do for now.

The words are really blurry on the first and second word bubbles from the second page. This is what Mikasa says:

"Apologize and you may earn my respect. Or is that not something you can do with underclassmen?"

Levi thinks she’s interesting!! *squeeeeeee..*

Person: What are your hobbies?
Me: Shipping two characters together and imagining them in different situations
Person: What
Me: What

some battles cannot be fought alone


 we’re just living in a web of lies now aren’t we

Get to know me:: male characters (1/5)  
 Yuzan Yoshida, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Zankyou News (8.22.2014) »



Just a couple announcements from the website I thought I’d post!

  • The anime is taking a break next week, so episode 8 will be airing the following Thursday on September 4th.
  • The second OST album, titled “Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack 2 -crystalized-” will be releasing…


There’s a huge power in finding “role models” who you can learn from and be inspired by - both real and fictional. To me, there’s no greater way to “step outside of yourself” and get a new perspective on life than watching a good movie or reading a good book.


RivaMika Nendoroid Theater: Pool Rules

Levi, you shouldn’t swing your cue around like it’s a sword…

❝ Desire sets our compass, but real life steers our course. ❞

- Mitch Albom, The First Phone Call From Heaven (via quoted-books)

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